3 Reasons Your Website Might Stink

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Since the beginning of the 90’s when websites really became a prevalent way for marketing to be a tool used for dispensing information about your business, there have always been those that have claimed to have the “secret sauce” that would get you higher conversions and increased overall traffic.

Companies claimed that SEO was the endgame for all marketing.

Then it was facebook ads.

If you can believe it, I ran into an agency out there claiming that radio and billboards are the ideal marketing strategy for nearly all industries… imagine that. - Something that isn’t trackable on the amount of impressions and conversions is better than digital for every industry without any supplementary marketing.

I digress.

Now my point here is that there are always going to be a lot of options on how you market what you do, and some are way better than each other, but the common misconception from small business owners is that if you have something on one of those platforms, it is not really relevant what you say, so as long as you present what you do and look good doing it.

That’s just simply not going to work.

The reality is that your ideal customers are looking to build a good deal of trust with you before they will ever even consider looking at your website. Once they’ve clicked through, they then are looking for a few specific things, that they may not even know they are looking for, to feel comfortable giving you their email, or even better, their money.

We’ve posted some videos this week on Youtube and Facebook this week if you’d rather watch this content. -> Click here.

Here are three things right now that you need to consider about your website to ensure that you are providing potential customers the opportunity to build trust with your brand and throw them in your pipeline.

1. You’re Saying Too Much.

A lot of websites these days are stuck in the early 2000’s where websites were overly busy and had 1,500 words on the home page, you know, that content that everyone “just had to know about your company."

Reality is they don’t need all that, in fact, they might not even want it!

What most new viewers need is to really know what you do, how you do it, can you provide them with a number, and have you worked with other people.

2. Your Content Doesn’t Connect with Their Story.

If you’ve watched or read anything that we do, you’ve likely read about Story Brand. We use the Story Brand to help our customers identify the ways that they need to position their brand to helping customers both understand what they do, but then also how it connects into the narrative of the customer.

Most websites operate like this: you share YOUR vision, talk about YOUR team, give YOUR projects and how fun it was to work on those, and maybe you even talk about how YOU’RE going to save your customers from drowning in the frustration around your industry.

Let me just save you some time - that isn’t going to work any more.

We live in an emotion economy where people what to hear about THEIR lives. They want to know how THEY will be stronger, faster, hotter, smarter, and richer because of your product.

It is now your job as a company to communicate how they will be better and move away from the ancient ways of self promotion. It’s great that we put little tidbits on our homepages about us - heck! We do it!

But if you pay attention, the companies that convert leads quickest, talk about the stories their customers are facing.

3. Your Site Doesn’t Look Good

The simplest part of this conversation is that if your website looks old, or does not convey that you are an up to date, well to do company, with a focus on your customers - you aren’t getting more business than the other guy that is.

It’s so incredibly important that you go out of your way to look good online.

Just like you wouldn’t show up to a networking event in a t-shirt, you shouldn’t show up online with a website from 1997.

Have questions on the above information? We’d love to help. Contact us with the link and information below and we’ll look forward to offering you our free consultation as a way of making it easier for you to get a more effective website online.

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