3 Easy Ways You Can Make Sure Your Ads Don't Stink

May 24, 2019
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Welp, it’s happening again this month: you’re sitting in front of the computer, scratching your head and looking at the metrics for the current Facebook Ad you’re running for your business (or boosted post).

The campaign’s been running for about 7 days, and compared to the last ad you ran, it’s not doing well. The number of engagements is 35% lower than what you get on average, the number of link clicks is WAY underperforming anything you’ve run in the past.

But why?

Why do you always end up feeling like advertising on Facebook is hit-or-miss?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to assure that your ads performed at a high level consistently?

What if every time you ran a new campaign out of the gate, it killed?!

What if you had a magical step-by-step Facebook Ads Guide that told you EXACTLY:

  • Who to target
  • What the ad should look like
  • Which call to action you should use

News flash. There is no such guide book. And anyone who promises that is selling something.

HOWEVER, there are a couple of simple tactics you can use to guarantee a high level of success and lower conversion cost without paying Mr. Zuckerberg more than you should.


Number #1 Rule: Use video like your life depends on it. Even if you don’t have a video to use for your ads, you can literally just make a slideshow on Facebook with photos you upload, so there are ZERO excuses for using another boring filler image of you or your business.

A study done by Hubspot found that there was a 20-30% conversion rate increase in ads that utilized the magic of video.

If fact, I’d bet you’re reading this article on your phone right now, and I’ll take the bet one step further and assume your phone ALSO has a camera. So the excuse for not making video ads is non-existent.


Write long posts. That might sound counter-intuitive considering we just talked about using video; who would want to read a long, boring post when they can watch a video, right?

Wrong. Long form copy consistently outperforms ads with just a few sentences by a wide margin. Keep in mind that Facebook’s job is to keep you on their platform for as long as possible, and one of the best ways to do that is by having something to read after you’ve just watched a video.

AdEspresso conducted a quick test to see what type of copy worked best. They discovered that 1-2 paragraphs of copy is the sweet spot and out-performed ads containing only one or two sentences.

If you don’t know exactly what to write, try using this simple outline:

  • WHO are you? What’s your story?
  • WHY should your audience care? What pain point or solution do you solve?
  • WHAT RESULTS have you gotten for others? How have you solved the above pain points and made your customers lives 110% better?
  • CTA—At the end, ask them to do something: comment, click a link, whatever will get them to take action.

Start there.

3. Test At Least One Thing

Always test. Don’t assume if you just do the two things above that your ad is going to explode. Chances are, you’ll have to test a couple of variations before you find a winner. So test one of these things at a time. Make two different videos, and then make two different types of copy.

If your audience is large enough, run both at the same time and see which video gets the better response or which copy gets more engagement. Despite what some may claim, there is isn’t a magical formula that produces the right ad every time.

BUT, if you use these tactics, you can find a winning ad without wasting time and money playing a guessing game.

In Summary:

#1 – Go to your facebook ad account right now and make sure you have a video running.

#2 – Write longer copy on ALL of your ads. Tell a story and have fun with it.

#3 – Test test test, because nobody gets it 100% right the first time.

If you do all this and you’re STILL struggling, we’d be happy to help you start getting better ad engagement for your efforts. Just send us an email and we’ll get you on the right track.

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