Marketing Strategy

May 25, 2019

3 Ways to Set Your Brand Apart

Setting your brand apart is a key part of building a successful business. There is an overwhelming amount of competition for our customer’s attention and it is evident that we can no longer simply be more attractive than our direct competitors. We have to be more attractive than everything!

May 24, 2019

The 7 Golden Rules of Writing for Social Media

We’ve all been there at some point each month: staring blankly at a blank page or spreadsheet or post scheduling app with at worst, terror, and at best, ennui. Why aren’t my posts working? Nobody’s clicking.

May 24, 2019

3 Easy Ways You Can Make Sure Your Ads Don't Stink

Welp, it’s happening again this month: you’re sitting in front of the computer, scratching your head and looking at the metrics for the current Facebook Ad you’re running for your business (or boosted post).The campaign’s been running for about 7 days, and compared to the last ad you ran, it’s not doing well. The number of engagements is 35% lower than what you get on average, the number of link clicks is WAY underperforming anything you’ve run in the past.

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