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As you consider who you want to help your business grow, and make it look good through it's design, let's get acquainted.

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"Integrity is a quality that has to be acquired with experience."

Over the past 4 years, we've spent a lot of energy in learning the industry, but more importantly learning what helps people know they have a team they can trust. Here are a few of the things that are important to us.


Integrity is something that we fight for above all. We put you first, deliver above expectations, and fight to help you feel "on the same page" the entire time. We believe that this is made better by our experience, and that it helps give you an enjoyable process while getting what you need.


There is a big push in the marketing world for customer service. We believe we shouldn't even have to mention that. We believe that by having the value of honor in everything that we do - for you, our own team, and your team - that only good can come from our working together.


Getting a client to the highest quality avenue for their business can be painstaking. Honestly, we won't lie, but we believe that if we are going to help you grow and put you first that keeping an unmoving quality standard is what is needed for you to know you can trust our team.

Professional yet personable

Our Team

Our team works hard to not just complete projects, but build relationships with everyone we work with. Stop by some time and meet our team!

Jon Grogan

CEO/Creative Director

Amanda Woods

Director of Operations

Zach Miles

Lead Developer

Henry Ninde

The Root Coworking

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