A Strong Digital Studio

Producing quality design that produces for you.

We are a Tulsa-based multidisciplinary design studio.

As a design studio, we recognize that there are a lot of options when finding designers and marketers. That is why we provide not only the best quality work, but we create projects that produce for you.

Still Life in Tulsa

This past week I had the opportunity to meet up with Josęf Fisher (@foolishdreams) and explore some of the uncommonly shot locations in Tulsa.

Branding & Web Design

Eric English

Eric is a Tulsa based entrepreneurial mentor and consultant that came asking not just for a rebrand but was looking at ways that he could develop a website that would be informational about the book and the work he offered including thoughts and blogposts throughout his work.

Branding & Web Design

Webb Ministries

The past few months, we have had the opportunity to work alongside Webb Ministries, a non-profit ministry based in Temecula, CA.

This is just a small selection of some of our recent projects. Other portfolio items are available upon request at info@jongrogan.co.

What We Offer

Listed are some of the specific services we offer.
For clarity on how to start your next project, visit the contact page.

Our Process

Step 1
Discovery & Ideation

We begin every project typically in the same way. We love to get together with you and your team, discuss your needs as an organization, and set up a desired outcome that fits you best. After we've begun, we enter the process of discovering and producing ideas, laying the foundation for your project. During this part of the process, we provide you with all of the ideas that you've requested, but also our take on everything. We research your market, needs and company background providing you with well though out ideas to begin working with. After you've had a healthy amount of time to take a look at everything we've provided, we gather your opinions and comments in order to draw up a draftable piece.

Step 2
Revision & Drafting

Upon deciding on a single direction to follow for the rest of the project, we'll collaborate with you to revise and narrow the direction you've chosen down to a well-oiled machine. Our goal here is to provide you with a draft that is ready for launching.

Step 3
Publishing & Monitoring

After we've revised your draft to the point where it is post-ready, we'll publish your material and walk with it to the end, assuring that it looks as perfect as you've envisioned. In web design, we walk with your website for up to a month after the project (unless you choose to work with us longer) and assure your new materials are working for your and performing the way you want.

Our Core Principles

Customer Service

We know what it feels like to be short-changed by a company that makes promises but doesn't pull through. We work hard to produce not only a quality product, but provide clear and concise communication with your team. Not only will you be "in the know" every step of the way, but you'll get to be a part of every step; allowing for an expected and quality end product.


It can be a good feeling once you get a nice website uploaded and live. The problem that most people run into next is that their website doesn't earn the money or get the views they were looking for. With monthly monitoring, marketing, and web packages this can be possible. We will never let a project out the door without asking, "Is this going to work in our favor?"

Pushing Boundaries

A long time ago, we decided that making designs from templates is cheating. While we recognize a lot more work goes into it, we go out of our way to push the boundaries or each project, not only making it look modern and beautiful, but making it uniquely for you.

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