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Creative designs handmade for the market.

Since my introduction into design, I have pursued simplicity and minimalism in design. When I began contracting out to companies in 2011 I realized that there is more to design than just making it look cool.

In order for every good design to operate within it's purpose, there must be functionality and marketing behind it. Through processes and testing I provide designs that both look great, and perform well.

Below are listed some of the projects that I've worked on.




Below are listed some of the services and opportunities that I can provide your company.

These are simplified examples of categorized projects, contact me to find out what we can do about your design and marketing needs.


Art is not merely a gift to create, but a discipline in manipulating inspiration, and through that we create.

About Me

I am a graphic designer in Tulsa, OK. I am the Media and Web/Layout Designer at World Compassion Terry Law Min. and work to develop market based designs in order to further our non-profit partnerships. I have earned a bachelors of the arts in NT Theology, and study the art of Philosophy.

The Process

My goal is not just to create for your company or personal project, but also to invest time to  bringing you information and work with you on your project. I supply you with the ammunition to help develop your project the way you want it.


While I am an independent designer, I bring other designers and editors into your project to help develop the best outcome for you. Supplying you with access to a wider range of ideas and resources, I help bring the creativity from many designers into your project.

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